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Design Glossary


Alignment: This term is use to refer to the position of the text in body copy. Alignments can be flushed left / ragged right, flushed right / ragged left, centered, and justified which means it is both aligned flush right and flushed left.

Aqueous Coating: A protective coating on a printed piece applied by the printer to enhance the printed surface.

Bitmap: A collection of individual dots or pixels in a computer graphics.

Bleed: This means we extend beyond the border or margin so when it is trimmed it “bleeds” off the edge.

Camera-Ready Art: Artwork is prepared to be photographed for a press plate and is ready to print. No additional work needs to be done before it goes to press.

CMYK: This is the abbreviation for process colors or “full color”…they stand for cyan blue, magenta red, yellow and black (K).

Die Cut: A finished printed piece that has a unique cut to the piece. For instance if you have a rounded shape, this is “die cut” from sharp blades to create its unique shape.

Duotone: Two colors combined make a duotone. A vintage photo look can be created with a sepia brown and black, combined it looks like one color but its actually two.

Em Dash: A long dash used in punctuation. (Em is a unit of measuring the width of printed text that is equal to the height of the type size being used).

Gutter: The term refers to the space between columns of type or in a center spread of 2 pages, the gutter is the middle where the catalog or magazine is bound.

Kern: To reduce the letter space between characters or type.

Low-Resolution: This describes the image on a computer that has a low number of pixels per square inch. Printing needs a hi-resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi).

Moiré: (Pronounced “mo-ray”) This is an undesirable effect found in a halftone print resulting from interfering patterns caused by incorrect screen patterns. If you scan a photo that has halftones and put it in a document that is printed again, a moiré pattern will happen.

Pantone: A collection of colors used in printing that is a global matching system that all printers use. These colors are numbered and used across the print industry to have the same system in place to match each other.

PMS: No ladies, not that! In the design world this stands for Pantone Matching System.

Runaround: In typography, the text would go around an image such as a photo or illustration this is also known as runaround.

SWOP: In printing this is a color standard for proofing which stands for Specifications for Web-Offset Printing.

Vector Graphic: Vector art that is object oriented by use of points, lines, curves and shapes which can be resized without it being halftones. If you send a picture that is a fixed size image, enlarging it will look blurry. Vector graphics can be sized and will not lose the quality of the image.

Watermark: A translucent logo in paper created during manufacturing so that the design is faint yet visible when held against the light which usually identifies the maker.