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6 Practices for Good Website Design

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This is the five-second rule for good web design. First impressions should be clear, concise and to the point. Your value proposition should be clear to your audience on your website and address their needs immediately. If they don’t see content that is compelling to them, then they will leave your website.

Command Your Audience

What do you want your users to do when they first visit your website? Would you like them to call you? Request a quote? Work with you? It could be anything so long as they understand what you’re asking them to do with your call-to-action.

Content Rules the Land

Do not let your content go by the way side otherwise your audience will see outdated content. Be bold, keep it fresh, keep it real and show them your company is active in creating new content. (Note: This also helps your organic search engine optimization!)

Navigating the Road

Moving from page to page in a website should be simple. Don’t litter your site with dead ends, 404 errors, or dead links. Navigation for your website should be smooth sailing!

R.I.P. Flash Websites

Flash websites used to be all the rage until customer bases starting growing via mobile devices. Most mobile devices don’t support flash or the website is painstakingly slow. Avoid flash and stick to the basics.

The Typography Tuxedo

Sometimes, we get bombarded by so many banners flashing, blinking, glaring at us through the computer screen that we can’t even digest the information that the site is trying to communicate. “Respect text contrast.” Take your typography skills out and let it go classic with black on white. It has and still is the most effective way to present type. With the right amount of contrast on your site, it will make all the difference.



What’s Your Call-to-Action? Make an Offer!

Business Tips and Trends

There is a sandwich place down the street from me that isn’t that great. But every Tuesday, the place is packed. Why? There is a big vinyl banner out front that says, “Kid’s Eat Free on Tuesday!” When my kids were young, I hated to take them out for dinner as they would always pick the most expensive thing on the menu and then just let it sit in front of them untouched. An offer like this sandwich place was too hard to resist.

There are a lot of places that ‘aren’t that great’ but they make an offer that can’t be refused. Take this to heart for all your advertising plans. They must have a call-to-action (or as we call in the ad industry–CTA) or an offer that is too hard to refuse. A CTA is a word or phrase that tries to persuade you to take immediate action. Most likely you have seen a CTA on a website in the form of a button or link to “Call Now” or “Click Here.”

Promotional offers are often so strong and work so well, the CTA is the offer. For instance, when you make a guarantee as your offer it is the call-to-action. Some of the advertising guarantees that comes to mind—from FedEx: “When it positively has to be there overnight.” Or from Men’s Warehouse: “You’re gonna love the way you look, I guarantee it.” Or from Domino’s Pizza: “Delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free.”

Make an offer that can’t be refused! AND always have a phone number and/or website address so your business can be reached.