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Top 10 Things Designers Hate, Number 6: Speaking of Fonts…

Welcome back to our Blog series, “Top 10 Things Designers Hate!” We’ve covered ads with too much text, “Borrowed” images, reading the rate card and, most recently, the impact of fonts on your advertisement. It’s hard to over-emphasize how much fonts affect your ads. So, speaking of fonts, our number six thing designers hate is…

6) When You Don’t Embed Your Fonts

Imagine this familiar scenario: You have a font you want to use. You type up your copy in Microsoft Word, save it as a .docx document, and send it to your designer. Unfortunately, your designer doesn’t have that font on file, which means that when the document is opened on your designer’s computer, it defaults to some other font…like maybe Wingdings 3.

Wingdings: Cute on dogs. Not on your ad. Image courtesy of

Wingdings: Cute on dogs. Not on your ad. Image courtesy of

The formatting you worked so hard on is ruined, and your designer has no idea what you were trying to send. Time to start over.

All this trouble can be avoided by the simple process of embedding your fonts. What does that mean?

“Embedding” fonts means including the font you want to use as part of the document when you send it to your designer. This can be done quite simply: often, when saving ad document as a PDF you will be prompted to embed the fonts. That’s about as easy as it gets!

If this doesn’t happen (like if you’re using an older version of Word or Adobe Acrobat) you can follow these simple instructions here or here.

And voila! This simple process avoids confusion and keeps communicating with your designer clear and efficient. Everybody wins!

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The Direct Mail Advantage


Ask any expert in advertising and they will tell you there is no better way to sell a product that is more successful or cheaper than direct mail.

Direct mail is the only way to target your audience. Yes, you might reach a couple of million people advertising in a popular regional magazine, but out of this investment what are your actual odds in reaching the exact audience you are trying to target? Consider the amount of competing ads in a magazine, the money spent (as high as $28,000 for a full page ad) and the audience needing your product could mean a lot of wasted money.

The beauty of direct mail is a targeted mailing list. You can zero in on a specific audience. For instance, say you only want to reach seniors, who live in a home, in two specific zip codes, whose income is above $75,000 and drive trucks and are left handed. Cheep Cheep PostcardsTM CAN GET YOU THAT LIST! Mailing lists are based on your audience’s past history, their income, their ages, if they have children, their years of education, their purchases, their hobbies, their cars, and so on. Each time you refine your list you eliminate non-customers. The more you know about your audience the easier they are to reach and sell to.

Designing a Direct Mail Postcard. According to the United States Postal Service, 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered and 77 % sort through it immediately. Everybody looks at the postcard, but some experts say that there is 5-seconds to make your point. Using a coupon on the postcard usually gives it staying-around power. Here are few elements, we believe, should always be on your postcard direct mail piece:

  • Your company name and logo
  • Contact information
  • Return address
  • Clear bold headline
  • Subhead that leads to text
  • Graphic image or illustration that supports the message
  • Typography that enhances
  • Make an offer and a Strong “call to action”
  • Great colors that highlights your product or service

Cheep Cheep PostcardsTM has designed thousands of postcards. We are dedicated to producing high-quality direct mail postcards–exactly to your specifications–using custom designed, full-color printing for an exciting and effective way of direct mail advertising. For more information, please call 1-888-222-4337 or visit us at


Target Your Audience!


A direct mail campaign is an easy and cost effective way to maximize your advertising. After Cheep Cheep has created your direct mail postcard, how do you know it will fall into the right hands? The best part of direct mail marketing is that you can hand pick your audience! Each postcard can be tailored to your specific needs and you can create your audience. Your mailing list can be selected by consumer data, occupant data and business data. This can vary by their zip code, income, gender, their age, their home value, whether they rent or own, number of cars owned, their length of residence, if they have a pool, children, and ethnicity, and business type (churches, government agencies, doctors, nurses) and more! Our specialty lists are targeted just for YOU!

Our mailing lists can zero-in on your long-time customers and search out for new prospects. Your customers can receive information and offers that meet their individual needs and buying habits. Our list is updated often and goes through extensive cleansing techniques to insure high deliverability and each month our list is checked against the National Change of Address database.

Our direct mail return rate is low (3-4%) and is based on postcard design, quality of targeted mail list, and offer extended to the recipient. Call us to find out more: 713.627.1180 or toll free 888.222.4337.