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How to Target Your EXACT Audience Market

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In advertising and marketing, you can specify a particular group of people to target market your product or service. In targeted marketing, your audience is determined by whom the product or service is most marketable to. For instance, if you were marketing a senior assisted living home, you would target the older generation or their children as they might make the decision to buy. You can purchase a mailing list to a certain age group, household income, marital status, gender, zip code or area, whether the occupant has borrowed money, or recently moved — and you can combine the factors to narrow your list or make it broader demographically.

When placing TV or radio commercials, you can target your audience based on whether you run your advertisement on a prime time show or channel, a local station or a national station, and by the frequency of the commercial.

A defined target market is the most important aspect of your marketing strategy. Where you distribute or place your advertising is the most effective way to reach the right buyers for your product or service. Have you received mail from a solicitor that you are in no-way in the market to purchase their product or service? Most likely this advertiser did a mass mail, and ignored putting their advertisement into a differentiated market. The design, copy, call-to-action and information on your direct mail piece loses all its value if it’s not mailed to the right people or business.

At Cheep Cheep Postcards, your direct mail marketing can be completely targeted to put your postcard in front of the exact audience you want. We can accommodate your preferences to know exactly to whom you are marketing. We get your parameters and purchase the database list for you. What does that mean for you? No wasted effort, time, money or overprinted postcards.


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