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Truth in Advertising Act of 2014

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We’ve all seen the image of thin, beautifully made-up models in the latest fashions gazing up at us through the glossy pages of a magazine. Some of us have tried really hard to be that beautiful model and thought that was the level we had to reach or be. Distorted imaging of the human body in advertising has become a public health issue directly linked to the emotional, mental, and physical health of women (and men). Due to this growing concern regarding this ethical issue in advertising, the idea of the Truth in Advertising Act of 2014 was introduced to Congress on March 27, 2014.

So what is the Truth in Advertising Act of 2014 exactly? It is a bi-partisan bill that asks the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to exercise regulations on altering the human image to being far from a “person’s shape, size, proportion, color, or the removal / enhancement of individual features.” Instead of just investigating a single ad at a time, the act wants the FTC to oversee all advertising in this aspect. I believe this is an important act to support in order to give young girls, teens, and women a healthy and beautiful image of the human body that is not distorted to the point that it’s unrealistic.

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Below are images of models altered in advertising before and after.