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Every time I see an update software window pop-up on my office computer, I freeze. I know why I do—it’s that one time, back long ago at my own home computer, that I hit the button to update and install a new version of software (that OOPS) I shouldn’t have. My printer didn’t print, my java seemed jived, and then I received a flashing button to re-install my Flash software everyday. I freaked and asked my IT husband what to do and he did his magic and everything was back to normal again. But when I first got that pop-up at the Cheep-Cheep headquarters, I just shut the window down and refuse to update. Sound familiar? Have you had the same wonders or wails at your office?

I soon discovered that we back-up our hard drives here everyday and that I shouldn’t be so afraid to keep up with the updates and security of my appointed MAC at the office. Usually there is a person who does this for your company and you don’t have to worry about it. Find out your company protocols and rules about your computer security and software available to you and who is in charge of computer support. Here are a few things you want to know:

  • Check the specifications of each software update so you know what your computer requirements are.
  • Clear up existing problems. Ensure your computer does not have any major problems before updating and software or operating systems.
  • Make sure you run basic maintenance routines such as back-up, repair disks and security updates before updating your hard-drive, utility or software programs.
  • Protect your desktop. Shut off your computer each night or lock it behind an office door if possible. Use a password login to keep your information private.
  • Understand the company’s Wi-Fi service. Make sure you have a secure firewall and strangers can’t access your information online.


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