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Client’s Guide to Finding the Right Design Firm

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The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) is a professional organization for design, organized in 1914. They currently have 22,000 members throughout 66 chapters across the US. It’s a pretty reliable organization and they publish several books and magazines for our industry. They also have published a great book for those who need to hire design firms, called “A Client’s Guide to Design: How to get the Most out of the Process.” What we found interesting and wanted to pass on to you were the ‘top 10 questions’ you should ask a design firm when interviewing them to represent you. Here are the questions…

  1. Does the firm understand the business?
    Do they talk the talk or walk the walk?
  2. What kind of results has it achieved?
    Can they show you proven success? Have they won any awards?
  3. What is its design process?
    Do they throw concepts at you or create mock-ups?
  4. How knowledgeable are they about them?
    Do they have a thorough understanding their clients or just of a certain type of business?
  5. How does the firm like to work?
    Developing a campaign or single advertisement project? Do they specialize in print or online?
  6. Who are its clients?
    Are they more retail or business-to-business type of clients or in the same industry as yours?
  7. What is the design process?
    For instance, what is the culture? Does it match up to yours? Does the firm like lots of direction or more latitude?
  8. What kind of design experience does the firm have?
    Are they new and innovative but have no work samples to show yet? Or have they been around for 25 years, like Cheep-Cheep?
  9. Who will work on your projects?
    Is it important for you to meet the actual people who do your design? or would you rather work with an account representative?
  10. Do you like the people you’ve met?
    Do your personalities clash or match?

At Cheep-Cheep we will answer any of your questions. If you find yourself wondering whether all of this is really necessary, AIGA says to ask yourself how seriously you want to compete in the marketplace. Because that is exactly what a good design firm will help you do.


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