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Tips for a Successful Business Meeting

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Time is precious; especially time we spend in meetings. If a meeting is not productive it is a waste of time. Here are some tips to ensure success.

  • Give plenty of notice for the meeting. Don’t expect to get a gathering the day before the meeting. If possible, give time to those needing to attend to get there. Have a specific time, date, and space.
  • Be ready. If you need visuals, print those out or have available on multimedia. If you need to order food and water, be prepared to have it in the room or delivered timely. Make sure your space is organized–do you need chairs? Do you need notepaper?
  • Be on time. Don’t waste everyone’s time by being late.
  • Turn off you cell phone. Don’t look at it, don’t use it, don’t keep it on. Interruptions are a nuisance!
  • Participate. Make sure you focus on the subject matter and participate in the conversation. No one needs a statue sitting at the table with no use. Listening and adding value to your meeting is key to a successful meeting.
  • Follow-up. If you are the organizer of the meeting be sure to follow-up with all attendees. If you are a participant make sure you are clear on your expectations.


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