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Another CHANGE! Keeping Up with the Facebook Cover Profiles

Business Tips and Trends

Have you noticed in the last few weeks we have had another change to keep up with? Notice your Facebook business page now has your company name and what you do written across your once beautiful cover photo? Well we did! To keep up with the changes we are creating a new profile cover photo.

Want to know 5 easy tips on how to improve your sharing rate?

  • Keep your content fresh. Share what’s on your mind but remember when posting, it’s all about THEM!
  • Enrich your posts with photos or videos. Sharing great content is what grabs people.
  • Respond to your followers. It can’t hurt for you to check on your followers to see what is knew and fresh to them. Always respond when someone “Likes,” “Shares,” or “Comments.”
  • Post at the right time. Review your Insights and see when you get the most viewers. Use your collected data as a way of discovering your audience.

Keep up with the latest Facebook changes.


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"The Cheeps" are the chick designers that run Cheep Cheep Postcards and Cheep Cheep Websites, two divisions of Hunter-McMain, Inc. We're here to provide fun information on advertising design, business tips, and holidays--sometimes random--we would like to celebrate with you.

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