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Chick-Fil-A Billboard

Advertising that Works!

This week’s “Advertising that Works!” is from Chick-fil-A. Who doesn’t know those 3-D cows on the billboards? According to the website, in 1995, a renegade cow, paintbrush in mouth, painted the three words “Eat Mor Chikin” on a billboard. From that day forward, the burger-eating landscape would forever be changed. These fearless cows, acting in enlightened self-interest, realized that when people eat chicken, they don’t eat them.  Today, the cows’ herds have increased and their message reaches millions, on television, radio, the internet and the occasional water tower. Needless to say, Chick-fil-A fully endorses and appreciates the monumental efforts made by our most beloved bovine friends. And The Cheeps think this is utterly fantastic.


Author: The Cheeps

"The Cheeps" are the chick designers that run Cheep Cheep Postcards and Cheep Cheep Websites, two divisions of Hunter-McMain, Inc. We're here to provide fun information on advertising design, business tips, and holidays--sometimes random--we would like to celebrate with you.

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