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Creative Ad from Mastercard


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This advertisement for the Women’s Golf Classic is priceless–just like MasterCard says. The shoe heel looks like a golf ball and tee. Sometimes a picture can paint a thousand words, and in this case, we think it does not, even though it is very creative, eye-catching and generally a very nice photo. We found this on a creative ad website. The only problem we had with this creative ad is we wanted to know more. When was the 12th Annual Golf Classic? Is that for any women or pros only? We discovered by surfing the world wide web that this was a Canadian golf tournament in 2012 for executive women who raised $215,000 for the Children’s Aid Foundation. This ad was successful in the looks of it, but not in the informational way. When promoting a product or service it is a good idea if your advertisement answers these questions. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Or it sometimes needs to answer how much? If these questions aren’t answered then a website address with more information should.


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