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Motivation, Values, and a Dash of Interest: A Recipe for Advertising

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Now, you’re probably thinking that you’ve read all there is to creating a good advertisement but maybe it’s still not working? If not, let’s go into a little more depth into important design elements that make advertisements successful.

Tip #1: Holding Your Audience’s Attention

People are motivated according to their personality, values, and culture. They don’t read your ads. It is—bottom line—about what interests them. Repeat to yourself this phrase “stand out” and don’t be fearful of being a tad controversial! Your headline is the first place to grab the consumer’s attention.

An example is “Will it blend?” by Blendtec where they try to blend things such as light bulbs, iPods, plungers…you get the idea. But it’s catchy or, at the very least, interesting right?


Watch some Blendtec videos here:

Tip #2: Define a Value Proposition

The value proposition in your campaign should make you distinctive from your competition. Why should people choose you over the next guy? Most effective propositions can be made or shared within 10 seconds. For example, the Dawn soap commercials about how it cuts grease gently off poor animals suffering from oil spills.


Tip #3: Emotional Influence and Persuasion

Everyone loves cute animals and it can make any tough man feel that fuzzy spot deep in his heart (unless he prefers cats—then you use kittens). The way the Budweiser puppy during the 2014 Super Bowl made those entire hearts gush and triggered emotions to create a lasting memory. Emotions generated by positive past experiences signal the brain to note that experience as important.


Other tips will include keeping your message simple, staying relevant to the target market, visual elements, tell a story, clearly link your messages, and make your ad a component. The point is to remember it’s about what people are interested in and your advertisement for your product and/or service is secondary. It’s about what will motivate your consumers to take an action from your advertisement.


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