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Follow Our New Marketing Campaign – Week 4

We hope you have been following along as we create the look of our Cheep-Cheep marketing campaign. “The Cheeps” have become your advertising superheroes! So far we have created the look and theme, keeping our beautiful cyan blue and magenta pink colors. We have also kept the background of our logo symbol, which our superhero chicks fit into perfectly. The fonts and style of our logo is still the same. And that is not because we were lazy – when transitioning or updating our campaign it is important not to stray too far from the look, so as we are still recognizable as the same company but just “refreshed.”

Many companies choose to update their logos to modernize to the sleek, simple, clean trend of today. Some logos that have changed their look in the past year are VH1, American Airlines, Tazo (Starbucks tea), Nivea cream, Billboard, the Miami Dolphins, Facebook, and Instagram. Some are so subtle that you may not have noticed. Some logos have changed drastically, too. FedEx got their new logo in 1994. With a shortened name and a new look, the logo change did not happen overnight. In fact, the company invested in a year of global research and brand strategy before their designer started. Then 200 logo designs later the new FedEx logo was born.

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Author: The Cheeps

"The Cheeps" are the chick designers that run Cheep Cheep Postcards and Cheep Cheep Websites, two divisions of Hunter-McMain, Inc. We're here to provide fun information on advertising design, business tips, and holidays--sometimes random--we would like to celebrate with you.

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