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Those Coca-Cola Polar Bears are Adorable!

Since yesterday we celebrated Polar Bear Day, today our “Advertising that Works!” comes from Coca-Cola. You know those adorable polar bears that promote Coca-Cola? The animated bears have been around since 1993, radiating joy and warmth in a TV commercial. But did you know that Coca-cola first used a polar bear print ad in France in 1922? Since then the bears have appeared sporadically over the next 70 years in print until Coca-cola brought the cuddly creatures to life in a commercial titled “Northern Lights.” The polar bears, in the ad, watched the aurora borealis and drank Coca-Cola. They were an immediate hit with viewers! They have since evolved with the world of computer graphics and have since been seen pushing a Christmas tree down the hill, playing with a seal, chasing a turkey, dancing with penguins, watching the moon, and of course, drinking a Coke. In 2013, Ridley Scott produced the Coca-Cola Bears movie. Since 2007, Coca-Cola has partnered with the WWWF Arctic research and conservation efforts to protect the polar bear and its habitat. Coca-Cola has committed $2 million, over 5 years and has raised over $3million to date in consumer and matched donations for the project. For that reason, the Cheeps declare this campaign, “Advertising that Works!”


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