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City of Reno Storm Drain Advertising

The city of Reno, Nevada, was concerned about their River Walk. It was getting dirty and they took action in a new campaign. Their new slogan, “Storm drains are the mouth of the river,” was combined with colorful painted storm drains to remind the folks there to be careful what goes into the drain comes out to the river. Several ads, created by OCCE-Reno, were created with colorful paintings to make the viewer aware. An octopus, frog, and aliens were painted on the drain systems to be beautiful. Their advertisement is written with wit and is as ‘colorful’ as the next. One ad reads, “ Sweeping broken glass into a storm drain is like sending your mother-iin-law to voicemail. It seems like an easy fix, but in the end it’s trouble. Remember, only rain in the storm drain.” This week’s “Advertising That Works!” is an awareness campaign to remember.


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