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What do you know about Inbound Marketing?


Inbound marketing (where the customer comes to you) is achieved by advertising your company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, eNewsletters, whitepapers, search engine optimization, social media marketing and other forms of content marketing. Inbound marketing is based on three basic tactics or principles. The most important tactic behind inbound marketing is getting found on the Internet. The second tactic to inbound marketing, is getting information from people who visit your website, blog, podcast, or social media platform. The third principle about inbound marketing is analyzing the visitors and converting them to a lead or customer.

Inbound marketing success does not happen over night. Companies that blog, post to Facebook, have optimized the content on their website, or have a huge following on Twitter have a 50% chance their website will be visited over those that don’t. The content on your web page or social media platform should have “keywords” or phrases about your company that the search engines find and make you “searchable.” This is what experts refer to as content marketing. But having great content does not equal new customers. It’s what you are doing with the visitors to your web page, followers on Twitter or Facebook “Likes” that counts. You should create a database of those visitors and warm them up to become a customer. It takes time to gather leads and to follow up on those that visit you. It’s that second behavior (extracting the people who visit your site or social media platform) and what you do with them that makes inbound marketing a success. Experts say that only 23% of those leads will actually buy within six months. So don’t give up so easily.

Email marketing, using your generated database, will generate loyal customers. Email marketing does get people to look at your website and social media platform. This is a very effective way to attract inbound marketing. Treat your leads like a good friend and keep in touch.

The online world is changing they way people find you. Make your inbound marketing tactics a priority and watch your success soar.