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The Value of Print and It’s True Effectiveness

Despite important changes in media consumption in recent years, consumers continue to have the most trust in print advertising vs. online. It seems the power of the printed word does have amazing value when evaluating advertising. When asked how much trust they attach to advertising in the various media, consumers gave magazines and newspapers a score of 63%, TV 41% and the Internet 25%. Nearly 90% of consumers say they want to receive sales and promotions via direct mail and find offers in the newspaper. In 2010, an investment of $1 in direct marketing advertising expenditures returned, on average, $12.57 in sales. Did you know 79% of all nonprofit gifts come through direct mail, only 10% is received online. Websites supported by catalogs yield 163% more revenue than those not supported by catalogs. Consumers continue to view mail as a highly relevant and significant part of their lives. And 70% of Americans, state they prefer to read print and paper communications rather than reading off a screen even thought they know they could find most of the same information online. College students prefer a printed textbook when taking class by 74%. Which makes it easier to understand that people learn more effectively from print than a computer screen.

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