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Golden Ratio and Layout Design



For nearly 2,400 years the golden ratio has fascinated Western intellectuals. It fascinated a whole community of mathematicians, biologists, artists, musicians, historians, architects, psychologists and even mystics. Ancient Greeks first studied the golden ratio because of how frequently it appeared in geometry.

Book Design
There was a time when the 2:3 proportions were so exact that they were only half a millimeter off. This was most prominent in books produced between 1550 and 1770.

The golden ratio is even used in everyday design such as the shapes of postcards, playing cards, posters, wide-screen televisions, photographs, light switch plates and cars.

Adolf Zeising found the golden ratio expressed in the arrangement of branches along the stems of plants and the veins in leaves. It is also found in the skeletal make-up of animals, the geometry of crystals, and the human form.

The golden ratio appears everywhere and is utilizes as a tool to help produce aesthetically pleasing designs and layouts. You can use this ratio to equally or unequally divide on purpose to get the effect you’re looking for in your design in order to tell a story or invoke an emotion.

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