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Today is Poinsettia Day!



These well-recognized flowers were officially declared a symbol of Christmas by an Act of Congress in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who died on December 12, 1851. Poinsett was the first Ambassador to Mexico. Poinsett brought this colorful plant back to the U.S. and grew the plants in South Carolina and gave them out as gifts to friends.

How to take care of a Poinsettia

The best time to buy a poinsettia is near Thanksgiving. When choosing a poinsettia pick one with little to no yellow pollen in the center. Freshness is hard to judge by just the red leaves. Give your poinsettias a bright location. They don’t like to be too wet, and with too much watering they could die. Don’t set your poinsettia near a heater, yet they are very sensitive to cold so wrap them up on the way home from the store. Did you know the poinsettias are the most popular plant grown in greenhouses?

Author: The Cheeps

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