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Advertising Testimonials

If you have great feedback from a happy customer or client, you can use their testimony to boost your business. Adding a testimonial to your brochure, website or advertising can add validity and selling power to your service or product. Testimonials build trust, help buyers overcome skepticism, and give your sales unbiased recommendation.

What Makes a Good Testimonial?

If you have ever had a customer tell you how much they value your service or product, then ask them for a testimonial. Don’t over edit the message, but don’t be afraid to change the grammar and how it’s said. Use testimonials that fit, don’t ever fake it. Don’t be afraid to encourage specifics from your client. For instance, if your client saw wonderful improvement by using your product or receiving your services, then ask what specifically caused the improvement. Let the users be the “stars” and not the service or product itself. Try to avoid using word like “best” and “easy” as they don’t really add validity. Be sure to ask your customer if you can use their feedback for a testimony.

How to Use a Good Testimonial

If you have a testimonial from some one notable or even a celebrity, don’t be afraid to use that as your entire advertisement. If you have endorsements from unknown people then don’t make it the main focus. If you have many testimonials, try dedicating a page on your website. If you only have one or two, use them in flyers, postcards and ads. You can use call-out-boxes or before and after pictures. There are many ways to handle a good testimonial. The best endorsement is word-of-mouth. If you have a customer telling others how wonderful you are, what could be better than that?

Give us your feedback on how you have used testimonials from customers.


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