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World Diabetes Day!


While this may not be a day to celebrate, this day is important to remember for global awareness of the disease of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the major health and development challenges of the 21st century. It is an incurable, costly, increasing but largely preventable non-communicable disease that affects people of all ages. No country, rich or poor, is a immune to the epidemic.

The facts:

  • There are currently 366 million people in the world living with diabetes. This figure is set to rise over 550 million by 2030. Americans who have diabetes are close to 26 million and another 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Diabetes is among the top 10 causes of disability, resulting in life-threatening complications such heart disease, stroke, lower limb amputations and blindness.
  • 50% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed.
  • 80% of people with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries. The American Diabetes Association estimates the total national cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States is $245 billion.

What Can YOU do about Diabetes awareness?

November is American Diabetes Month! Visit the American Diabetes Association website at for community programs, learn about the basics of diabetes, the levels of the disease, how to prevent it, and what donations you can make. If you are diabetic, you can share your story to others so they become aware of the risk factors. Food and Fitness play a huge factor in your glucose levels. Monitoring your blood glucose is a way to keep within your target range to prevent diabetes.

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