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Help! My Desktop’s a Mess!


Does your desktop look like this?

An electronic desktop is just like a physical one; if you don’t keep it organized things get out of hand. When taking a bit of care while building your desktop, files are easier to find. Don’t be afraid; it will be okay! Imagine your desktop to be like an actual file cabinet. Where would you begin? Use FOLDERS! On Windows there is a folder called My Documents, don’t use this to stuff everything into. Let’s get organized! Here are a few tips:

  • If you are having trouble where to start, some experts suggest you put all of your files on your desktop into a file called Desktop Folder. Then figure out where each file should be placed by figuring our your categories and which file folders to create and place them in.
  • Organize files in the way that makes sense to you. If you work by projects then organize by projects. If you work by clients create file folders for each client. If you work by date, then create files with your timeline.
  • Don’t overdo the subfolders. Subfolders are a great way to organize, but don’t overuse them and creating a folder for every file.
  • Organize your desktop with current and archived files. When finished with a project or job, then file it under your archived files. Keep your current files available.
  • When naming a file and folder, be short but precise so that you can easily identify what is in the folder.
  • If all else fails you can purchase software that will help you. There are several out there for Windows and Mac. Just a little research should tell you if they are what you need.

One designer I know, has actually created a display screened background to keep file folders on her desktop instead buried deep in her computer. It looks something like this…


Whatever method you use or whatever way you desire to organize, know this: Organization will help save you time and give you peace of mind. Who doesn’t want that?! When sharing files it is easier to find and easier to be on the receiving end, too. Good luck!

PS. Oh! If you need to organize your physical desktop, we can suggest our client, a great company to help you get organized—The Busy Corner, Houston, Texas.

Author: The Cheeps

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