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Numbers in Marketing


Have you ever noticed how marketer’s use numbers in their campaigns, blogs, or magazine covers? Surprisingly, numbers are used to “trick” you. For instance, 99¢ sounds like a lot less than one dollar. That new vehicle selling at $29,995 sounds like a lot less than $30,000, doesn’t it? In advertising and marketing, we tap into that one endlessly. You’ll learn when you “hear numbers” in a certain way, it can seriously add “muscle” to your article. Experts say you should never use the numbers that fall on a 5 or a 0 (zero). Meaning don’t use 5, 35, 55, etc., and don’t use 10, 20, 60. The reason marketers don’t use those numbers is because they seem to pre-fab.

Using numbers like 5, ten or twenty feels prepackaged up nice and it doesn’t hold real value.

A dozen donuts gets your attention but 9 donuts calls for your attention. Good marketers know that. That’s why you will notice an article, blog or magazine cover that uses “trick”numbers? For instance, “13 breakfast recipes to get your day started.” Or “Six Keys to Successful Thinking.”

The younger generation want their information in short, bite-size chunks. So marketers use numbers to play that game with them. Young people scan headlines and check for quick status updates on Twitter and Facebook. Using numbers maximizes communication while conserving space. Effective writing for marketing must be concise and to the point.  For instance, “8 Tactics to…”, “101 Ideas for…”, “14 Reasons why…” all quantify and seem valuable to the reader. Numbers make it precise, where as, “many”, “most” and “several” give us only a vague idea of quantity.

Using numbers in advertising headlines gives structure. Blogs organized into a numbered list guarantees an easy to read path from beginning to the end. Structure makes it easier for readers. A clear promise of something specific is more receivable, experts say. Organization is important to those who skim read or speed readers. Reading an article with numbers allows some to hit the first numbered line of the entry to get right to the point.

Numbers, for some reason, attracts our brains in marketing and advertising. A single small, odd-numbered digit like 7 for example is eye-candy to the organized mind. Its been proven in focus groups and analyzed by several marketing firms. “How-To” posts and articles can sometimes be successful because you give the reader specific small numbers to digest. Odd numbers seem to be more authentic than even numbers.  Take a look around on the internet and you’ll see this is a proven fact.

Author: The Cheeps

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